File in Style is the perfect home office accessory for modern living. Developed to help busy families become and remain more organised, it’s the functional filing solution designed to fit with the unique style of your home. With its sleek industrial design and sturdy base, File in Style will never look out of place standing alone on a desk or shelf, or store inactive files on a bookshelf where they’ll simply blend in so you can be proud of your home office space.


Largest manufacturer of filing system consumables in the Southern Hemisphere!

File in style was developed by the team at Rolls Filing Systems after they recognised the need for a simple, functional home filing solution that complemented today’s modern living.

Rolls Filing Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 quality assured Australian owned company and the nation’s most trusted name in file management solutions.

Combining manufacturing and customer service excellence, our extensive network of filing experts have been supplying products and solutions to a wide range of industries from governments, schools and health providers to large corporate business across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region for more than 50 years.

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Functional Home Office Accessory to suit your unique style File in Style is the fresh, modern solution to all your home filing needs. Paying homage to urban industrial style, it combines a purely functional aesthetic with stylish refinements so you can truly file in style, every time. Designed as filing pockets to avoid the necessity of hole punchers, staplers and other time wasters, each file is manufactured using high quality heavy weight Kraft board. The sturdy base allows each individual file to stand alone or in a set, while optional home filing accessories such as dividers and file racks enable you to configure your preferred filing solution. File in Style includes 15 popular category labels, 40 numeric & 130 alphabetic labels, providing all the tools you need to customise your home filing system. The bold black on clear font complements the industrial design of the filing pockets and easily blends with modern home interiors.

File in Style is kind to the environment

  • Minimum 18% pre-consumer waste recycled fibre
  • Unbleached, natural brown kraft board with unique two-ply design
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Responsible Forestry Practices
  • Food Contact Approved
  • Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film used for File in Style labels can be recycled and reprocessed into products for many different applications. BOPP film demonstrates excellent use of the Earth’s resources. It has effective moisture barrier properties that are achieved without coatings

Product Specifications


  • Reinforced end tab with positioning line for accurate label positioning
  • Glued back cover for strength and rigidity
  • Dimensions: W 358mm (including end tab), H 235mm (inverted)
  • To suit standard A4 (297mm x 210mm) size documents
  • Capacity: 45mm (approx 400 sheets of 80gsm paper)
  • Printed Front: Aesthetic border with lines for hand written title
  • Available in: Pack of 10 with label sheets incl. Also replenishment packs of 10, 40 & 100 without label sheets.


  • Label Dimensions: 38mm wide x 21mm,(106mm)&(138mm) long
  • Sheet Dimensions: 209mm x 205mm
  • Adhesive: Permanent (non-removable)
  • Printed with non-scuffing black UV ink on clear film
  • Available as a 4 sheet set only: 15 popular category labels, 40 numeric labels, 130 alphabetic labels


File in Style Starter Pack

File in Style Starter Pack Take the first step to decluttering your home and organising your life with the File in Style Starter Pack; includes:

  • Ten File in Style file pockets
  • Four label sheets of the most popular filing categories
  • Alpha & numeric labels to create your own customised labels.

Starter pack with rack included also available here

File in Style Accessories

Optional Home Filing Accessories

  • File in Style Dividers easily separate documents within the same file, making them easy to find at just a glance.
  • File in Style File Racks fashioned in sleek industrial black to blend with all home filing environments, these modern racks are designed to save precious shelf space and keep your files neat and upright.


Home filing ideas and advice

Whether you’re reorganising your home or need inspiration for your home office space, we’re here to help.

Organising your home office to maximise productivity
  1. Use your bookshelf: Instead of having your commonly used files hidden away in a cabinet or draw, use the File in Style pockets on your shelves alongside your books for easy access. You’ll find they fit right in.
  2. Use dividers within clearly labelled files: File in Style dividers can help you organise and separate paperwork within files. For example your insurance file could have dividers for Car, House and Business. Dividers will also create a more compact system and save space. For more information click here.
  3. Use a pending file: Instead of just dumping paperwork that you need to deal with on your desk, use a pending or action file like an in tray for current paperwork and items you must act on. Place the file on a desk or easy to access area and be sure to take action on its contents at least once a week. It will look great and you will have clear space on your desk or table to work.
  4. Use category labels: File in Style category labels provide the ideal base for a thorough, easy to use filing system.
  5. Manuals or instructions. This file category could also be called Instructions but we think manuals is more encompassing. If you haven’t already got a place where all your instructions or manuals go then you will love this idea. When you purchase a new item, get that little (or large in some cases) instruction or specifications booklet and place it in this file. The time will come when you have a machine or device that you have to reset or reconfigure and that little booklet will be right where you put it. You may find as we have that it is one of the most accessed files you have.
How to use the File in Style system – tips
  1. Perfect labelling every time. Our labels are designed to wrap around the side tab of the pocket accurately, using positioning marks on the side tab of the file and on the labels. Align the positioning line on the label with the edge of the reinforced side tab and the top of the label with the guide mark at the top of the tab to achieve precise labelling every time.
  1. Customise your files. In addition to the 15 labels of popular filing categories, included with a label pack are 130 alphabetic & 40 numeric label. Use numbers to add a specific year to your ‘TAX’ file (for example) or create brand new categories specific to your needs. For more precise tax filing tips read the “Tax Time” article by professional organiser Sue Glasser.
File in Style Label Instructions
File In Style Tax


File in Style’s professional sales team love helping customers with their home filing needs and have plenty of helpful tips to share. For further information on our products or professional advice, contact us today!


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